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Sebastian Vettel ‘has not suddenly forgotten how to drive a F1 car’

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Andreas Seidl has leapt to the defence of compatriot Sebastian Vettel, saying fans can expect to see “some great results” from the Aston Martin driver this year.


Vettel ended up with more penalty points than actual points on his debut showing for Aston Martin. Three for failing to respect yellow flags in Q1 and a further two for causing a collision with Esteban Ocon in the race itself.

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After a miserable end to his time with Ferrari, the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix did little to suggest that Sebastian Vettel can get back to his former great self.

But Seidl, who knows his compatriot very well from back in their BMW Sauber days together, is confident that Vettel can stop the rot.

“You have to leave things in the past,” Seidl is quoted by F1-Insider as having told Sport1.

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“This was a race weekend that didn’t go so well – for the team, too. As a four-time world champion, I already expect him to fight back.

“Sebastian has definitely not forgotten how to drive.

“There’s a reason he’s a four-time world champion. He also had really strong races at Ferrari and he’ll have those with Aston Martin, too. I think we’ll see some great results from Sebastian there this year.”

Sebastian Vettel’s collision with Ocon was the latest in quite a long line of mistakes from the four-time world champion in wheel-to-wheel combat and Seidl has given his insight into how he would help his driver following such an incident.

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He said: “The only thing we can do from the pit wall after a scene like that is calm the driver down again and help them focus on the essentials.

“First of all, you have to let half an hour pass and let tempers cool down. Then you have to analyze what happened and take steps if necessary.”

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