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Latest Entry in ‘Journalists Miss Trump’ Canon Sparks Fierce Backlash on Twitter

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Yahoo! News correspondent Alexander Nazaryan became the latest journalist to suffer fierce social media backlash for suggesting that the passing of Donald Trump’s presidency into history is cause for lament.

Politico’s Ben White recently felt the sting of rebuke when he posted an A Few Good Men parody tweet that urged people to admit “You want him tweeting those tweets,” and on Thursday morning, The Atlantic published Nazaryan’s variation on the theme, entitled and sub-headlined “I Miss the Thrill of Trump; Without quite meaning to, Trump reminded journalists that their relationship to power should be adversarial.”

The article itself is no less intentionally provocative, heavy on World War II imagery like “he didn’t exactly relegate us to the concentration camp for the unflattering stories we published. Cable news, more like it,” and “Covering the administration was thrilling for many journalists, in the way that I imagine storming Omaha Beach must have been for a 20-year-old fresh from the plains of Kansas.”

But the premise was largely summed up in that sub-hed, and applied to the administration of President Joe Biden with commentary like this:

I know, I know, boring tweets are a small price to pay to no longer have to endure a presidency that daily vacillated between the hapless and the malicious. The new administration would like you to believe that boring tweets and press briefings that don’t end up as professional wrestling matches are a sign of competence. They well could be. They could also lull reporters into a chummy complacency, especially given that many of those reporters are bound to be impressed by the outward prestige of the new administration, rife as it is with Ivy Leaguers who collect credentials the way squirrels collect acorns.

The reviews were not kind. Journalists and other verified users across the left, right, and center derided the article en masse.

In Nazaryan’s defense, a series of pipe bomb attacks certainly could arguably be seen as having the effect of focusing the mind.

Update: The headline has been stealth-changed to “I Was an Enemy of the People.”

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