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JUST IN: Trump Spox Confirms Impeachment Trial Defense to Wrap by Friday

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Trump spokesperson Jason Miller announced via Twitter that the legal defense team will only need one day, and plans to wrap the impeachment trial defense by Friday.

House Managers started opening arguments against President Donald Trump on Tuesday of this week, arguing that the former president incited the deadly and violent insurrection led by his supporters on the Capitol on January 6th.

In a quote-tweet of a article that reported the Trump defense team intends to wrap in only one day, Miller confirmed the news, but not without hitting the trademark Trumpian insult.

“We will finish up our presentation tomorrow/Friday,” he noted. “I would not trust another word otherwise in this @CNN story,” he added. “Chock full of fake news, and particularly sloppy.

The case presented by House Managers over the past two days has received largely positive reviews.  Trump’s team’s opening argument was largely criticized by bipartisan resources.

Given the two-thirds majority necessary to convict, combined with the majority of the Republican caucus in the Senate signaling an unwillingness to fairly adjudge the trial due to what see as a specious claim of unconstitutionality of the convicting a former president, it seems long odds that Trump will be convicted. And this is likely the reasoning behind the shortened defense schedule.

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