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Gina Carano, The Latest Domino to Fall…

Everything I don’t like is akin to the holocaust!

Half the country are Nazi’s!

Also, how dare Gina Carano compare our subjugation to Naziism!

There isn’t too much to add to this conversation that hasn’t already been said. The contradictions to the enforcement of cancel culture and the double-standards are as useless to fight against as they were the last time a global super-power succumbed to socialism. Mind you, I do not view what is going on today as simply a socialist take-over. It’s more like the steady unveiling of The Great Technopoly. However, the tactics of un-personing enemies of the new state religion are very much the same.

Gina’s comments were deemed ‘abhorrent’ – in other words, she simply didn’t sign onto the latest set of religious dictums assigned by the left onto their country.  Contrast this with the words used to describe actual terrorists by the Washington Post, “Austere Religious Scholar”. Reality warping seems to be the strategy set in place to make sure we will swallow anything from impeachment to woke.

Most of what we are seeing is signaling, and no I do not mean virtue signaling. We are beyond that. Virtue signaling implied gain was to be had from espousing the ‘correct’ opinions. We have stepped beyond that point to where the signaling is done now as way of keeping the secret police away from your door – it’s become a matter of survival now. A new passover..

Companies espousing ‘core values’ isn’t new but it is a recent phenomenon that their purpose has shifted in its use. The core values of a company were there for workers to hold against the company when it wasn’t living up to them – resulting in resentful employees. Today however, the professional activists have found ways of holding companies ransom and turning a rather strong profit. BLM took in billions by shouting ‘RACIST’ at the sky when a random white person killed a black person. It’s lucrative and hard to blame them for exploiting this – but the effect it’s had on businesses to put out statements and fundamentally rewrite the businesses value structure is unprecedented in modern America.

It’s no wonder Disney fired Gina Carano. It’s no wonder the Twitter trending column calls her ‘abhorrent’. Everyone is putting lambs blood over their doors.

America is being held ransom by unimpressive, undeserved, and morally reprehensible people. Add Gina to the list of many who have come before her and many who will come after.